We wrote, then rewrote after half the city was submerged in water. We wondered about the opportunity to go ahead and, in agreement with the municipal administration, we chose to do so in a very specific way: the festival will not have entrance tickets, but we will collect donations that will all go to the people who were affected by the flood.

  • WAM! XI edition until May 1st, 2023


We continue to wonder about ecology, to talk about our home, our environment and the interactions between us and our neighbours, between us and our world: the complex relationships that we help create.

As usual, the festival embraces different arts and has different souls. We will focus on identity, gender identity, human, horizontal relationships, kin, beastly. A horizontal vision: a set of perspectives that open to action, not just human.

A series of possibilities related to reality, but also to the dream, the ideal, the abstract.

A compass as a guide in the increasingly complex construction of common imaginaries.

These reflections turned into a program that shows these different souls.

There will be shows, performances, contact improvisation, guided tours, exhibitions, installations, cinema, concerts, DJ sets, talks.

  • WAM! XI edition after May 2nd, 2023



vertical rain

vertical rivers

vertical earth.

After three editions in search of new possible meanings during and after the pandemic, we are once again called to interpret our present time. Hurt, shocked, astonished, scared, doubtful. The planned walks can no longer be done as the country routes have disappeared; we will discuss this with Wu Ming 2 who will tell us about landscape monsters and ghosts.

All of us have shovelled and cleaned our houses, streets, our own ones as well as our neighbours’ and friends’. Everything affects everyone. We invented a new word: ORIZZONTARE, a way of being with other people and with the world, not in a role of supremacy, but alongside.