artistic research group

Collettivo Os was founded in 2020. It is an artistic research group dedicated to the creation of theatrical projects and performances, composed of three performers.

The relationship between the performers arises from the need to give shape and voice to thoughts and to freeze moments that would normally die by its nature. Their strength lies in the empathic capacity that they have gradually established also with each other, which allows for deep communication. Moved by curiosity they dedicate themselves to a constant openness to dialogue, to a continuous exchange of ideas and emotions, through which they manage to give life to their first works.

Os, from Latin: mouth, talk, say, communicate, bring out. Their main goal is to express themselves, to create performances that mirror every individual.

Their names are Dora Schembri, Maria Cargnelli, Benedetto Gulino.

Dora Schembri inizia il suo percorso artistico presso Scenario Pubblico di Roberto Zappalà a Catania e si diploma in danza contemporanea presso l’Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma. La sua passione per la scrittura danzata nasce per il bisogno di ordinare il caos interiore, per tirare fuori ogni visione intima distorta e non guardarla più con sfiducia. La danza è il suo metodo per incontrare paure, raccontare tormenti, “chiudere porte senza sbatterle”, raccogliersi con cura. La coreografia nasce dalla volontà di ricordare, di ricostruire pezzi di vita in un unico grande puzzle dando loro la possibilità di rivivere nuovamente, forse eternamente. Ama definire il suo lavoro come una collezione di parole ed immagini in movimento. La creatività è il motore del suo agire. I gesti nascono da associazioni spontanee, connessioni di visioni e sensazioni che le appaiono, lucidi e vivi. La scrittura è un compromesso tra il pensare, l’immaginare ed il movimento. I suoi interessi artistici vertono proprio su questa abilità di traduzione dal pensiero, dal sentire, all’azione.

Maria Cargnelli graduated from Ecole supérieure de danse de Cannes (Rosella Hightower). Thanks to the study of dance, she grows in an environment full of stimuli, thus managing to create a bond with her inner self. Her passion is interpretation, which she immediately experiences by dancing for different choreographers such as: Emio Greco, Christophe Garcia, Claude Brumachon, Alessandro Sciarroni. Her artistic sensibility lies precisely in capturing the emotions of others and making them hers, finding a subtle junction between her own feelings and those of the creator. Collettivo Os represents for her a pool of ideas and sensations that feed her to best develop her artistic qualities.

Benedetto Gulino graduated from “L.Rerice” conservatory in Frosinone, specializing in the two-year course in Electronic Music. His main vocation is composition, the organization of sounds and its infinite relationships. His daily research is based on the continuous exploration of beauty. He also has experience in the audiovisual field. Collettivo Os is his first encounter with danced gesture that allows him to learn about the relationship between music and movement. The group’s audio tracks are his original creations developed in parallel with the dance.

The meeting place between these different personalities lies precisely in the use of different codes which provide for the same common denominator, i.e., the same intentions and directions. The work therefore foresees a dialogue prior to creation, to reach a compromise (of understanding) and deal with the same topic by using different means. The need to combine dance and music originates because a gesture always corresponds to a sound. Therefore, these are not considered as two separate and distinct entities, but as two inseparable elements of the same matter. “Where you think you are dancing the silence, the sea sings an eternal lullaby. DS”

People are at the centre of this research, the ultimate meaning of this encounter.

From a careful observation of postures, nature and therefore social and cultural habits, individual and collective questions are initiated which bring to light new considerations then shared with the public. The creative process begins, which will not be just a descriptive representation, but the evocation of an irrational, dreamlike dimension with the aim of telling and talking about ourselves. What images can we offer, if not those of our “real” imagination? We draw from reality, but it is our six eyes that paint it.

IG: collettivo.os