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The 10th edition of WAM! Festival has just ended, and we still hear the echo of the grand finale with the notes of Musicanti di San Crispino who made everyone dance at the final party in Piazza del Popolo, and the good vibes that the workshops with Compagnie les 3 Plumes, Silvia Gribaudi, Laura Moro, Franca Zagatti gave us.

This year’s theme, CONTRADICTIONS, was well represented thanks to the misplacements proposed by the performance WINDOWS that was hosted in a shipping center, the unique, dark and original poetics of the Canti Orfici according to Carmelo Bene, and the joy of the workshops by Compagnie les 3 Plumes and the fabulous Silvia Gribaudi, Laura Moro, Franca Zagatti.

The young dancers of Progetto D.R.OP. (Astrid Delombaerde, Sara Febert, Cecilia Franceschelli, Gaia Latorre, Melissa Salimbeni), a professional training center for contemporary dance in Bologna led by Elisa Pagani, and the research and choreographic composition group Le Pratiche del Corpo (Anna Clara Conti, Silvia Lippi, Kate Pilbeam, Lisa Silvagni, Eleonora Vacca) led by Paola Ponti for Compagnia Iris, also represented the different ways bodies can move and arise suggestions, feelings, thoughts.

We would really like to thank once again all the artists who were present at this edition: Silvia Gribaudi, Laura Moro, Franca Zagatti, Kate Pilbeam/Pilbeam Dance, Anna Clara Conti, Marco Chenevier, Alessia Pinto, Marta Capaccioli, Astrid Delombaerde, Sara Febert, Cecilia Franceschelli, Gaia Latorre, Melissa Salimbeni, Musicanti San Crispino, Le Pratiche del Corpo/Compagnia Iris.

A huge thanks also to our supporters who gave us the chance to make our deram come true: Comune di Faenza and Unione della Romagna Faentina, Programma Europa Creativa dell‘Unione Europea, Centro Commerciale Le Maioliche, Paolo Castellari Notaio, BCC – Ravennate Forlivese e Imolese, Perypezye Urbane, DanceME App, Interventi Educativi, Stilè, Vogue Hair Lugo, Le Stanze del Cuore, Ecobioemporio Toccasana, Litografia Fabbri, Digialta, Gemos, Clan Destino, Musei Diocesani/Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Angelo, Parrocchia di Sant’Antonino, Arena Borghesi.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

The staff of WAM! Festival 2022