dancer, choreographer

Born in Parma in 1981. After practicing different sports such as Judo, Thai Boxing and football, at the age of 17 he begins studying contemporary dance in his mother’s school.

In 2002 he holds a scholarship at the Isola Danza Academy directed by Carolyn Carlson, where he meets the North European dance currents and the American movement research.

He graduates, few years later, in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with a thesis on dance improvisation. He continues his dance studies with other teachers met at the Biennale, while starting his professional career as a freelance dancer in dance-theater productions and in contemporary dance companies based in Switzerland and Germany. Upon returning to Italy, he works from 2010 to 2014 for Simona Bertozzi and other companies, and begins to collaborate with Damian Munoz (La Intrusa Danza, Spain). In the same period, he resumes sporting activity with the practice of Brasilian Ju Ji tzu.

In 2013 he creates his first movement research project that leads him to carry out a workout in the woods for three weeks. Hence some intuitions: a primitive / poetic movement that refers to a writing through images in which sign, space and moving handwriting are intertwined.

In 2014 he founds MP.ideograms and wins the Equilibrium Prize with his solo “Grafiche del Silenzio”. In 2015 he debuts at the Equilibrio Festival with “Dei crinali” and, again in the same year, he debuts with the piece”Horizon” at the Vetrina della Giovane danza d’autore in Ravenna.

In 2016 he participates in “VITA NOVA” Biennale project with the first chapter of the “Primitiva”. The same project continues in 2017 at the Scenario Pubblico di Catania with dancers from MoDem. In 2017 he wins the GD’A Giovane Danza d’Autore award Debuts in 2018 with Labile Pangea at the Festival Aperto.

In 2019 he is choreographer for CZD2, by Roberto Zappalà, with the Urban Woods project.

Since 2015 Manfredi Perego has been supported by TIR Danza. Since 2017 he has a residency with the Turin City Ballet where he’s also been choreographing a piece from 2019. He is Associate Choreographer at the National Center for the Production of Public Scenario Dance / CZD for the three-year period 2019-2121.

E’ Coreografo Associato presso il Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Scenario Pubblico/CZD per il triennio 2019-2121. È coreografo associato presso il Festival Milanoltre per il triennio 2021-2023.

He teaches as a freelance in various Italian and foreign professional institutions such as Rome Ballet, Laban Trinity College, Austrian Youth Ballet, ROS Opus Ballet, Agorà Coaching Project, Italy Royal Academy of dance., Royal Academy of dance Italia.

2014 premio Equilibrio coreografia
2017 premio della Giovane Danza D’autore