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Frankie Fiorentini - Faenza


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Il mondo altrove: una storia notturna

Piazza Rampi Piazza Rampi, Faenza

Contemporary dance performance at Piazza Rampi concept, choreoraphy and dance: Nicola Galli music: Giacinto Scelsi, 3/4 had been eliminated masks and costumes: Nicola Galli production: TIR Danza, stereopsis co-production: MARCHE…

Happy hour

Frankie Fiorentini Corso Domenico Baccarini, 42, Faenza

Let’s have a drink together between the two performances of Saturday July 8th, at Frankie Fiorentini café.

M.M.M (Met, Meet, Melt)

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche Viale Alfredo Baccarini, 19, Faenza

INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF CERAMICS - FAENZA Contemporary dance performance at MIC M.M.M (Met.Meet.Melt) is the first artistic project of Collettivo Os and involves the creation of different gestures and sounds…